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Minas Gerais Agency |  Invited to the Paralympic Swimming World Championships conceived by the “Bolsa Atleta” and “Bolsa Tecnico” programs

Minas Gerais Agency | Invited to the Paralympic Swimming World Championships conceived by the “Bolsa Atleta” and “Bolsa Tecnico” programs

Fábio Antunes / Disclosure

Eight para-athletes and two technicians from Minas Gerais benefited from the “Polsa Atleta” and “Polsa Tecnico” programs. Government of MinasBy State Secretariat for Social Development of Minas Gerais (Sedese-MG) and Sports Sub-Secretariat (Subesp), invited to the 2023 Paralympic Swimming World Championships. The tournament will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom between 7/31 and 8/6 (see the complete list at the end of the text).

One of the first to be invited by the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) on 5/29 was the Praia Club, a team of swimmers from Uberlandia, a club that trains athletes from Triangulo Minero.


Ahead of the World Cup, the preparation period for para-athletes continues in full swing. Just 15 days ago, they won good marks on the Paralympic circuit in Sao Paulo, used as preparation for the clash in Manchester. Tokyo Paralympic medalist Gabrielgino (Gabriel Geraldo), explained by coach Fabio Antunes.

“The national level of the Loterias Caixa circuit is the last opportunity for athletes to check the codes for the World Championships. Since Gabrielzinho already checked the codes at the Open Internacional de Natação, we used the event to make some changes and test some test strategies. It was an event with great results. Gabriel won with the highest technical code. “I, as a coach, with a very high technical index. In addition to the many achievements we had, Brea emerged as the best club in Brazil,” Antunes stressed.

Incentive Scheme

Related to the general policies of Sedese-MG, the “Bolsa Atleta” and “Bolsa Técnico” programs financially support athletes, para-athletes and coaches working in Olympic, Paralympic and some non-Olympic sports.

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The scheme helps to cover expenses including registration for competitions, tickets, accommodation and food for sporting events, transportation, procurement of materials and equipment for athletes and training courses for coaches.

Those interested in applying for the public policy should access the annual announcement at www.social.mg.gov.br.

The invited Brea Club para-athletes are: Gabriel Bandera, Gabriel Geraldo dos Santos Araujo, Gabriel Melon de Oliveira, Guilherme Bautista Silva, Jono Pedro Brudos de Oliveira, Laila Suzigan Abate, Ruan Felipe Lima de Solveira and Samu de Soliv.

and technicians Alexandre Silva Vieira and Fabio Pereira Antunes.