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Minas Gerais Agency |  Fapemig discusses racial equality and diversity in science

Minas Gerais Agency | Fapemig discusses racial equality and diversity in science

20/11 is celebrated as Black Consciousness Day. The history serves as a reminder of the importance of the struggle for racial equality, which also includes the field of research and science. This topic will be discussed in the next live broadcast of Foundation for Research Support of the State of Minas Gerais (Fapemig)The theme will be “Science and Diversity”. The live broadcast will be on Friday (11/19), at 3:00 pm, at Instagram Profile Fapemig.

The guest is the head of the Cell Biology Service of the Directorate of Research and Development of Ezequiel Dias Foundation (FONID), Luciana Silva, who is developing studies on human tumors. The professor is also one of the founders of the Brazilian Black Science League.

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The racial profile of the scientific community, at present, does not reflect the reality of the Brazilian population, which includes 54% of blacks and browns. Research embezzlement and the possibilities of reversing this scenario will be discussed live. The event will also address the importance of quality basic education for training new scholars.

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The Brazilian Black Science League (LCPD) consists of a network of Afro-centric researchers working in different fields. Its goal is to promote and highlight the sciences produced by the black community in Brazil and in the world. The network also discusses health-related issues, bringing academic knowledge closer to at-risk populations to ensure access to safe, high-quality information.


Live Fapemig – Science and Diversity

data: 11/19/2021 (Friday)

Table: 15:00

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