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Mileide Mihaile of The Farm 13 eliminated with 32.38% of the vote - The Farm 13

Mileide Mihaile of The Farm 13 eliminated with 32.38% of the vote – The Farm 13

farm 13 Come to the end of the Maid Mihaeli! The person was eliminated from the competition for the live show on Thursday (9), with 32.38% of the vote. The influencer lost the controversy to favor the audience over Ellen Mineiro and Solange Gomez, in a vote held on R7.com.

Roca formation

The 12th Roca team of the season was formed last Tuesday (7).

The night started with the opening of the last season of L’Ampio de Pudaire. Sthefane, who won the Fire Trial, decided to keep Yellow flame power. The influencer had to choose between being immune to Roça or winning R$10,000. She chose immunity.

Voting continued to nominate the farmer. Rich Melquiades mode Dynho In the countryside. with four votes, Bill Araujo She took the second seat. withdraw form Aline Mineiro from the Gulf. Solange Gomez No pawn saved him in Resta One and he completed the roceiro team.

However, with red torch power At hand, Dynho had to exchange a farmer – not hired by the farmer – for a pawn from the headquarters. With that, Bill Araujo was taken out of the spotlight and put on Mileide Mihaile.

The influencer was turned down from Dynamics by Solange, who competed in Farmer’s last Test of the season with Aline and Dynho. after, after Dynamic winThe dancer got rid of the hot seat.

Maillid’s path in reality

Mileide has proven to go head-to-head in rural reality. With an objective appearance and a lot of strength in her arm, the girl gave her everything in her I deal with animals. Despite her ease with animals, the influencer showed off her true skills in the kitchen. She was responsible for most lunches of the pawn.

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At the beginning of the show, the girl exchanged votes with Riku and got a controversial nickname.Friend of the peopleThe humorist’s comment was that peoa was a good neighbor policy with the entire cast. However, Mileide proved her colleague wrong, and she took a stand and arranged some discussions at headquarters. She made friends, but also distanced herself from allies after noticing a game of differences.

According to this person, one of his biggest disappointments was Bil Araújo. Allied with Mileide, the model did not accept that her teammate saved Marina Ferrari at Resta Um – a position he put in at Roça – and the duo ugly argued. The influential decision made her also distance herself from Sthefane Matos. but she was with Solange Gomez That post had severe nonsense. The writer said that her colleague has good financial conditions, and mentioned Milad’s son, work and ex-husband Wesley Savadao.

But a person does not live on nonsense! As the match went on, Milade ended up getting close to Alain Mineiro, Marina Ferrari and Rico Melquiades. The new trio of friends made a profile special breakfast to the post after realizing her “sadness” of being away for her son’s birthday.

tracking farm 13! The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m.; Saturday after the series City alertAnd on Sunday, after Wonderful Sunday!

The signing of the Play Plus And access to the 24-hour broadcast of farm 13.