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Mila Moreira will make a special appearance at the fashion show of a Belgian brand - Zoira

Mila Moreira will make a special appearance at the fashion show of a Belgian brand – Zoira

Actress and model Mila Moreira, 75, who died of a sudden illness on Monday (6), in Rio de Janeiro, will do private post At the premiere of the Belgian brand Van-M in Brazil. The fashion show is scheduled to take place on Tuesday (7) at the Consulate General of Belgium, in São Paulo and is signed by the designer. Thomas Dorin. with information from Vogue magazine.

according to Vogue magazineWho heard Sonia Gonçalves, a friend of the actress, Mila was planning after the show to fly to the United States and spend New Year’s Eve parties there.

“Mila was supposed to get here [São Paulo] tomorrow. Her friend said she would stay at my house for Christmas and then go to New York to enjoy New Year’s Eve.

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The actress started her career as a fashion model

The presence of Mila Moreira on the show was a surprise

Also according to the actress’s friend, Mila’s presence on the Van-M show was present keep it a secret To surprise the guests. In the presentation, the mermaids collection, which was launched at Milan Fashion Week for the summer of 2022, should be presented. The collection will be inspired by Brazilian folklore.

Doreen is 24 years old who brings his brand to Brazil and chose Mila to walk the podium. He wanted it to be a surprise to everyone. […] Now, everyone is shocked, ”Sonia shared.

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Mila Moreira passed away at dawn on Monday (6). Confirmed by CopaStar Hospital, where she was admitted after developing a sudden illness.

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