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Microsoft says Windows 11 is ready to be adopted by all PC users

Microsoft says Windows 11 is ready to be adopted by all PC users

The Windows 11 It was It was officially launched in early October last year Since then, the operating system has received several updates with the features promised during the announcement and fixes for problems faced by users.

In the presentation of the operating system, Microsoft highlighted that Windows 11 will be released gradually to ensure a smooth and stable experience for users. This policy caused many devices to receive the update only in 2022.

However, it seems that Windows 11 has already overcome these initial steps. The Microsoft has stated that the new operating system is available for widespread deploymentwhich means that all users can download and install it directly from Windows Update.

Microsoft does not plan to force a migration on Windows 10 users. The latest operating system remains optional and anyone who chooses to stay on Windows 10 will receive active support for another three years.

The company’s announcement comes in an attempt to attract those users who still resist updating the operating system for fear of bugs or other issues in the new version. The most recent data indicates Increase in Windows 11.

Already thinking about the future, it should receive Windows 11 in the coming weeks Big update called 22H2 With the addition of many more features and functions, such as greater customization in the Start menu and other new features.

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