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Microsoft is offering a 50% discount to those who use pirated Office

a Microsoft A new strategy has been implemented to reduce the number of users using pirated copy of bundle content editors Desk.

The new method does not actually prevent use, but does include a notice appearing in the irregular program, indicating that a user using pirated software “may be a victim of fraud” – that is, without directly charging the person and considering that some of those involved may have been deceived.

On the page, the company explains that using illegally installed software can expose your computer to various security threats, as well as generate risks of data loss and ineligibility for performance updates or updates that fix vulnerabilities.

Page with the discount offered.Source: sleeping computer

In addition to the notice, Microsoft is offering up to 50% off your annual subscription to the Microsoft 365 service, Formerly known as Office 365, which includes using the same content editors and storing data in the cloud, among other benefits.

The offer is only valid for those who receive and click on the discount and is only offered in Family and Personal plans. With this news, the company may end up persuading some users of illegal versions of the software to switch over to the official platform.

In addition to the discount guarantee, the strategy can keep regular users away from certain risks. Recently, one of Microsoft’s most popular software piracy programs has been accused of being a publishing source for Malware that steals cryptocurrency.