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Microsoft bans emulators on Xbox consoles

Microsoft bans emulators on Xbox consoles

Over the past few hours, several reports have begun to surface of gamers who can no longer access emulators through their Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles, having enjoyed this type of home-made app for several years.

While it is still possible to run emulators on Xbox consoles in development mode, this requires a PC to install the software and restart the console in locked mode to allow the actions to begin. In retail mode, emulators cannot be run.

According to unofficial sources, Microsoft is aware that emulators are not illegal, but they can be used to access copyrighted creations in an unauthorized manner, which is illegal. In order not to risk creating problems with the owners of these rights, Microsoft decided that it would be best to block this type of application.

The company could turn the situation around and many gamers are already expressing their dissatisfaction, but for now we will have to wait and see if Microsoft will back down.

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