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Mexican President accuses the United States of espionage

Mexican President accuses the United States of espionage

President of Mexico, Manuel Lopez Obrador. (photo: clone)

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico, has accused the Pentagon (the US intelligence agency) of carrying out espionage operations in his government after leaks in the US press. Obrador also said he would begin to declassify information about the armed forces to protect national security. The Mexican president’s remarks came last Tuesday (17).

These statements came days after the publication of the American newspaper “Washington Post” about clear tensions between the Mexican navy and the army. An American briefing, revealed in online leaks of classified information from US military records, was used as a basis.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for response, but called the leak a “deliberate criminal act.” But the article in the American newspaper stated that there was no indication that the aforementioned document was the result of espionage.

López Obrador is under pressure to hold the military accountable for years of alleged abuses, including reported disappearances and killings. However, he expanded the army’s role in public security and sought to bring the National Guard, a military police force, under the army’s control.

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