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Meteorology is a science, so you should rely on experts

Meteorology is a science, so you should rely on experts

All time Climate forecast weather forecast updated It can make a difference in the sea, because so many times Mediterraneo It is the site of important and dangerous meteorological phenomena. Relies on professionals It allows you to know in detail the weather on the road, there is even a service that provides you with a meteorologist 7 days a week.

Discover the services offered by Metomed

Operating room 24 hours a day

Meteomed Presenting all the subscription options to her pavilion at Milan Yachting Week, a wide range of services tailored to her to publishNS a company navy and starting from Mobility NS Marina. More than 20 meteorologists work in the operations center to ensure everyone is up to date, 24/7To always get the most accurate forecast. Raw data comes directly fromEuropean Center for Medium-Term Weather Forecast It has been reformulated based on the prediction model developed by Meteomed for the Mediterranean.

Outlook on the phone, via email or text message. But you can also make it private.

Services Meteomed Designed to deliver forecasts in the most convenient way for you. You can receive detailed brochures, alerts and forecasts with cards Synoptics NS map drawing Really anyway. And if you choose to subscribeSummit Abbonamento Yachting You have a peak for the individual interested in recreational boating. An exclusive service dedicated to subscribers of this subscription, which is “The meteorologist is at your disposal“You can listen 7 days a week on the phone to give a brief, for example, choosing the best way forward for the next few days. But also for professionals and For those who race There is a personal service Consultant 360 degrees This will allow you to outperform everyone else.

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Visit the Meteomed platform and contact a meteorologist

By clicking here, you can enter the Meteomed platform No Milan yachts week. How do you communicate with them? Just fill out the form message Which you can find on the platform!