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Meteor showers can be seen on Friday in Brusk

Meteor showers can be seen on Friday in Brusk

Port Louis Antonello and Thiago Faccini

A meteor shower is scheduled for Friday, the 30th, which can be seen in several municipalities in Santa Catarina, including Brusque. It is the Delta Acuridas do Sul, and this phenomenon has occurred since July 12 and continues until August 23, with a peak on Friday.

The meteor shower takes its name precisely because it occurs in the constellation Aquarius and is most noticeable in the Southern Hemisphere. Astronomer Silvino de Sousa explains that the question of observation with the naked eye is uncertain.

There is also the possibility of bright meteors, fireballs. “Perhaps a person will be disappointed because they are weak or surprised to make a fire,” he says.

Silvino also explains that this phenomenon is not considered unprecedented and may depend on the fate of onlookers. He claims that there is a possibility of up to 25 meteors passing per hour.

Follow up

The astronomer says it is possible to observe meteor showers around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm on Friday. He recommends that people look to the eastern region, where the sunrise occurs, being the place where meteors must pass.

It is not a phenomenon observed by a telescope. The interesting thing is to watch it with the naked eye, which covers a larger area of ​​​​the sky.

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