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Meta launches new virtual reality glasses; know how much it costs

This week, the company Goal fired New virtual reality glasses. The tool, called Quest Pro, Now available for pre-order. However, everyone who is interested in the novelty will be able to purchase the new feature from the twenty-fifth.

The glasses were launched during the Meta Connect event. According to Meta, the accessory brings innovations in applications, such as allowing the avatar to reproduce the physical movements of the person using it, such as raising eyebrows and smiling.

virtual reality glasses

The gadget is developed with 12GB of RAM, Qualcomm’s XR2 Plus processor and 256GB of storage. The new glasses also have lenses that are 40% thinner than the previous generation, as well as getting a hood with a plastic backing, which makes the accessory more adjustable and safer.

according to GoalQuest Pro performs 50% better than the previous version. This is because, in addition to the innovations already mentioned, in the controls of the new glasses used in navigation, motion-tracking cameras were used. Also, with the extension update, users will be able to use avatars in Teams video calls.

To enable remote interaction between friends who do not have the new Meta glasses, the company said it is analyzing a new version of Horizon Worlds mobile phones and PCs.

In terms of values, New glasses cost $1,499which is equivalent to 7800 BRL Currently, it is worth noting that those interested in the device will be able to purchase it starting from the 25th of this month.

Meta studies notifications tool to avoid “blanks” in WhatsApp

Group chats turned on The WhatsApp It can be real confusion, even when all members decide to send messages at the same time. In this sense, waiting for a response from a particular person in the group can be a bit awkward.

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With this in mind, Meta is working on a way to expand interaction between users of the platform and reduce waiting time to read or reply to a message. The feature allows the user to check the reaction to their message in the group.

How does the new WhatsApp tool work?

It is now possible to use various emojis to respond to messages either in a one-on-one or group chat. In this sense, when someone expresses themselves about your message, you will receive a notification of the name of those responsible for the reaction, as well as check what the person has commented on the content.

It is worth noting that the novelty is already available in the beta version of the application for Android and iOS systems. Once approved, the feature will be implemented in the stable version of the messenger. However, there are still no expectations about the release of the tool.

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