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MEI gains an app to facilitate simplified billing

MEI gains an app to facilitate simplified billing

Nearly 13 million Individual small business owners MEIs active in Brazil have just acquired a new tool to simplify the issuance of electronic tax documents. This version was launched by Procergs (ICT Center of the State of Rio Grande do Sul) and serves ICMS taxpayers.

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The Nota Fiscal Fácil (NFF) application provides the possibility of simplified and free issuance of electronic bills (NFe) and electronic consumer bills (NFCe) via cell phone. It helps MEI meet its tax obligations more than just facilitating the process.

Through it, tax documents for operations such as sale, shipment, return and return of goods can be issued at a lower cost, without the additional cost of purchasing a digital certificate or specific software.

Resolution No. 169, published last year, states that the MEI must issue the NFS-e in the case of providing services to legal entities. In other cases, such as services provided to individuals, the memorandum is optional.

It is worth noting that the NFS-e exempts small business owners from the obligation to send the electronic declaration of services, as well as the municipal tax document related to the ISS which is imposed on the same operation or provision.

New application for MEI

The NFF app can be downloaded for free for Android or iOS devices. Accessing the platform is very simple and can be done using an account on the gov.br portal.

In addition to the module dedicated to small entrepreneurs, the platform also contains exclusive modules for independent goods transport companies, rural producers and retailers registered with Simples Nacional.

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The simplified tool is an easy way to comply with legal requirements related to invoicing and also helps entrepreneurs get financial control of their company. Download the app, give your feedback very easily and find out more about this new feature.