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Megiolaro, borrowed from the Crimea, celebrates his title in the United States  Football

Megiolaro, borrowed from the Crimea, celebrates his title in the United States Football

On loan from Gramio to FC Dallas until the middle of the year, Goalkeeper Felipe Magiolaro provided an assist last Saturday, MLS won 4-1 against Portland Timbers. This is the first time a player has started an American team.

Megiolardo passed for Dallas’ second goal. In the 13th minute of the first half, the goalkeeper sent the ball to the attack with his left foot, which was not his choice. Joder O’Brien failed to defend and shut down the opposing goalkeeper.

– We even joked because I had my right arm and help with my left leg. Every day I train a reprint of the game, which is one of the most charged by the technical team. I had the vision to match a beautiful pass to our attacker, and he finished well. This is a collective qualification – Celebrated Megiolaro, via the press office.

F.C. Magiolaro action by Dallas – Photo: Revelation / FC Dallas

The goalkeeper made his debut with Dallas on April 24th. He replaced injured Holder Jimmy Moore in the second half. Despite the contract to close in the coming weeks, the young man is now looking for a sequel.

In December 2020, Megiolaro renewed the loan with Dallas until the middle of this year. The goalkeeper has a relationship with Crimea until the end of 2022 and a crisis fine of 50 million euros (R $ 322 million). 70% of the economic rights triangle and 30% of its employees.

The American club is, in fact, interested in using the purchase option and hiring him permanently. The estimated amount is US $ 2.5 million (R $ 13.5 million).

In addition to Managing Director Andre Sanotta, F.C. Dallas also has Brazilian Bresson and passes through the Crimea. Diego Santos was on the North American team until a month ago when he was bought by Triangle.