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Football may have helped bring Prince William and Prince Harry together

Meghan Markle reveals Prince Harry’s advice on dealing with the paparazzi:

The revelation never stops! In the second episode of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s documentary series, the Duchess of Sussex recalled how her life changed after she confirmed her relationship with the royal and how intimidating the paparazzi became while she was living in Toronto shooting suits.

Faced with the constant presence of paparazzi, she says she received advice from her lover:

– I remember I was going to get flowers, I walked out of the flower shop, and there were nine or ten paparazzi standing on the street. They were all blocking cars and saying, Hey, how are you, Megan? And I was like, Oh thank you, stay warm! And I remember Harry the next day saying, You can’t talk to them. And I was like, I’m just trying to be nice, and I don’t know what to do, and I’ve never dealt with this before. And he said: It is true, but the British media says that you love him. You smile, you love him.

Then a headline appeared in The Sun stating that Meghan couldn’t stop smiling while shopping for flowers, wearing a necklace with her and Harry’s initials. Gaining increased media attention, Megan revealed that neighbors had come to tell her that paparazzi often knocked on their doors looking for her – and even got paid to install cameras in their yards.

• Suddenly, everything in my life seemed to become more isolated. All the curtains were drawn, all the curtains were drawn. It was scary.

News of Harry and Meghan’s relationship dominated headlines, straining their long-distance relationship, and prompting the prince to ask his girlfriend what was right and wrong.

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– There were things said and things written that I had to go to and ask. This was the hardest part.

“It really speeds up the learning curve in a relationship,” Megan added.

William and Harry

Apparently, the documentary series ended up sinking the relationship between Princes William and Harry once and for all. A source told The Mirror that King Charles III’s eldest son was furious when he learned that footage of Princess Diana’s infamous Panorama interview with the BBC’s Martin Bashir had been shown in a Netflix production. The Prince of Wales has previously stated that the misleading programme, which was broadcast in 1995, should never be shown again.

An informant close to the future king reportedly told the outlet that he was appalled that his brother had so blatantly gone against his wishes, and another source noted that this showed how little interest there was in the Sussex countryside.

– he is [William] He will be angry about it. He couldn’t have been more clear in retrospect and this is something he thought he and Harry were on equal terms with. Sadly, once again, it shows that the gulf between the two brothers could not be wider.

And it doesn’t stop there! According to information from the Daily Mail, William was furious with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for disrespecting Queen Elizabeth II at the time they announced they were leaving the royal family. Despite not having watched the series, a friend of Kate Middleton’s husband had revealed to the paper that he was more uncomfortable with his brother after the premiere.

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All relationships are built on trust, especially for the royals who live in the spotlight. The Prince is a very private man and what Harry does is the opposite of everything he believes in. Just for this, many believe that he will never be able to mend his relationship with them. [Harry e Meghan]🇧🇷 Many things have happened.