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Meghan Markle presents a list of demands to return to the UK with Prince Harry

After leaving the UK and leaving the duties of royalty, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must return to the scene. However, according to Heat World, the Duchess of Sussex has made a list of demands to return to her husband’s country.

According to inside sources, the couple asked to meet with Queen Elizabeth II to ease tension and introduce their daughter, Lilibit, to her great-grandmother, as well as introducing her to their eldest son, Archie Harrison.

Additionally, a source close to the couple says Meghan has indicated some requirements for this comeback:

Megan’s return depends on her obtaining certain guarantees. Ideally, you’d like to return in late September or October, especially if plans to honor Princess Diana go ahead. But she has conditions: She wants 24/7 rangers with her and her family, five-star accommodations, and the assurance that she’ll have complete control over press conferences as well as her schedules while she’s here.

Another request from the Duchess of Sussex is that her husband always be by her side:

– As you want Harry by her side all the time. She’s doing this for Harry and the kids because she knows it’s important, but after all she’s been through in the UK, there’s a big reservation.

Finally, the source concludes:

Meghan and Harry are well aware that there are still plenty of critics in the UK. Meghan, in particular, knows that her every move, from the way she travels to what she wears, will be scrutinized. So she says she is taking the necessary steps to protect herself. There was no way she could feel as weak as she was the last time she was in the UK.

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