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Meghan Markle introduces herself as “The Duchess of Sussex” to American politicians and raises criticism

On March 31, 2020, Meghan Markle and Harry were no longer part of the British monarchy in the decision of the couple who became known as Megxit, with the two claiming that the choice to live as a ‘commoner’ was due to persecution by the media, mainly from the United Kingdom, on the Prince’s wife , which is more truth than has already been proven.

But Meghan never left the spotlight, and this Thursday, TMZ reported that she called US senators and introduced herself as “The Duchess of Sussex” – a title she has renounced – in an effort to persuade US politicians to vote for him. Paid maternity and paternity leave. According to the site, the senators were surprised by calls from a “blocked number” of the former actress, who is an American.

But the fact that Meghan presented herself as a “duchess” to deal with an issue involving the United States irked parliamentarians and netizens on social media. “I’m in my car, I’m driving,” said Shelley Moore Capito, Republican Senator from the United States. “The cell phone rings and shows the blocked phone number. Honestly, I thought it was Senator Mansion, your calls were blocked. And upon answering the surprise: “Senator Capito?” This is Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.” He also reported contacting Republican Senator Susan Cullen. “I was happy to speak with her, but I am more interested in what people in Maine tell me about paid leave. To my surprise, she called my own line and introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex, which is kind of ironic.”

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On social networks, users were divided over the reported case. “Yes, she’s the Duchess of Sussex,” says one person, “but she didn’t have to present herself as such.” “Where’s the irony? Another argues. But how did Meghan get those special numbers? It was Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who handed over the list with the phones: “She’ll call some other phones, so I’ll tell them beforehand,” he confirmed.