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Meet the smallest (and best) trailer in the world

Traveling by trailer is the dream of many people. The goal is to hit the road aimlessly, spend the night under the stars and experience a new rhythm, but the obstacles are usually the cars themselves, either because of the prices or the logistics of owning them. A couple of YouTubers may have solved this: They built a small trailer that can be carried on the back of a bike.

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small trailer

Chris and Jeff from the YouTube channel Dinky brothers, the infrastructure of a mini-trailer is built. Except that, unlike a robotic car or a motorized chassis, the contraption the duo created can be attached to a bike. Or rather, to a tricycle, since one more wheel will be needed to support the “house”.

The mini-trailer was invented to cover a 160-kilometer journey in two days, but the task was more difficult than the brothers thought.

trailer chassis

The trailer is constructed of plywood and aluminum, which both estimates weigh in at about 500 pounds.

The building has a kitchen with sink, gas stove, electrical outlets, electric ceiling fan, and several windows and a door. On the “second floor”, there is a rollaway bed (although the video is posted on Dinky brothers indicative of his ability to come down by surprise during the night).

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how was the trip

  • After the adventure began, the brothers realized that the task would be too ambitious: not because of the weight or the infrastructure of the house, but because of the difficulty of cycling long distances or downhill with the trailer.
  • Unlike other tricycles or bicycles designed for the task of carrying things, the mini-trailer does not have any type of electric assist or drive. That is, the two were moving only by the force of the pedal.
  • To make matters worse, when one bicyclist was pedaling, the other had to stay inside the trailer, adding to his weight.
  • The two brothers said that the person who was resting had to get out of the “house” and help push him from behind.
  • Between stops for food and repairs, they walked 10 miles on their first day and had to sleep in a Walmart parking lot after being kicked out of a neighborhood.
  • Already on the second day they bought a new bike and a tow cable. So the two of them pulled the mini-trailer 40 km.

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The Road

The two traveled along bike paths, demonstrating the importance of a safe, barrier-free network.

This is because, at times, they were forced to change lanes, due to poles in the middle of the bike path. Another hindrance is that you have to hit the gas pedal and it is almost sticky to the cars and trucks on the track, making the activity dangerous.

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