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Meet the new WhatsApp tool: ‘Secret Space’

Nowadays, everyone knows that the The WhatsAppMeta App, is a platform that allows you to send messages instantly.

The application has become very popular all over the world, as it allows sending text messages, voice and video calls, and voice calls with any subject in the world regardless of the spatial scale.

In Brazil, since access to text messages through the operator was not before, it has become the most used application when it comes to sending messages.

According to data from January this year, the number of people using the Meta app in Brazil reached 137 million. This directly corresponds to approximately 65% ​​of the population using the platform.

However, although most of them mainly use this application in Brazil, not everyone knows all the functions that WhatsApp has.

One of the newest tools in the app is known as “Secret spaceAnd available to everyone. Check out what this new messaging app tool is all about.

Another new WhatsApp feature

In short, this tool allows app users to see how many messages they have sent, how many calls they have made, and how many statuses they have posted. You can also see the number of blocked contacts and the contacts they interacted with the most.

In addition, it is important to note that this tool is only available in the smartphone version of the app.

Thus, in order to access this new functionality of the application, you must initially open the application and click on the vertical “three dots” icon, located in the upper corner of the screen of your device.

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After that, select the “Settings” option. Then select “data storage”. So, when you enter this section, you will see an option called Network Usage or Data Usage.

In this tab you will be able to see all the above data, how to adjust the settings and access all information about calls, messages and conversations.

Although this tool is not easy to find and many users are unaware of its existence, it is a great way to monitor your activities on the platform.