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Medical reporter: How excessive work at home can affect health

In this Monday (15) edition of the framework medical reporter, from Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomez explained how excessive work at home during the pandemic can affect health.

This topic was motivated by a new law that was approved in Portugal Companies are prohibited from contacting employees outside official working hours. This applies to telephone messages, e-mail, and phone calls. The violation can be considered serious and result in a fine.

One of the aims of this measure is to better regulate remote work, which has gained momentum during the period of isolation due to Covid-19.

In Brazil, there is still no specific law on this, but a worker can try some support in the CLT regarding work shifts and rest hours, for example.

Fernando Gomez highlighted that a home office can have both positive and negative sides. “If, on the one hand, we had the technology that helps us, on the other hand, it was a challenge because, in fact, we can’t tell the brain that one hour of working at home equals one hour of working in the company. This is new for everyone,” the doctor said. “.

He pointed out that many people find it difficult to separate the physical environment from the home and work, whether due to lack of space or organization. Besides, there is a division of time. Oftentimes, a person can be partly to blame for this by procrastinating, pushing work to get done that should have been a little farther, or letting the meeting go on longer than it should.

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Regulation comes specifically to help organize people’s lives because we know anxiety can arise. And Gomez added: If a person has a tendency to depression, it can also occur, and even fatigue can manifest itself.

(posted by: André Rigue)