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Medical event highlighting advances in cannabis in science and patients' lives

Medical event highlighting advances in cannabis in science and patients’ lives

The Medical Cannabis Conference highlighted new studies, patient reports and the importance of the work of both industries and associations

From the 11th to the 13th of this month, CicMed, the 1st International Conference on Medical Cannabis, was held in São Paulo. The event, aimed at physicians, was speaking not only about the diseases treated with cannabis, but also about legal issues and even the role of associations.

The event was attended by many important names in the cannabis field, such as Carolina Nocetti, Wilson Lessa and Paula Dall Stella, who highlighted case studies with the plant as well as new discoveries.

In addition to doctors, other icons involved in the case also had a voice at the event, such as attorney Leonardo Navarro, who spoke about legal restrictions on cannabis detection in Brazil and association leaders, such as Marguerite Brito, of Apepi, and Felipe Sozin, of Healing Ivo.

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Patients or family members of people who use cannabis, such as Gilberto Castro, who told his story about the plant’s use in multiple sclerosis and Fernanda Camarota, who reported how her son exceeded expectations.

Cannabis as a ban?

Dr. Paula Vinha, one of the conference organizers, was one of the speakers at the event, who spoke about diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

However, what caught the attention in his speech was the use of cannabis to prevent disease.

According to her, a glitch in SE (Endocannabinoid system) one of the main factors of every disease. Therefore, hemp can act as a stabilizing agent.

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How can that be possible?

SE is nothing more than a molecular system found in a good part of the human organism. It helps to restore homeostasis, that is, the balance of most of the body’s functions.

so called cannabis Looking for system receptors that help regulate functions. The good news is that cannabis also contains cannabinoids, which can work just like the rest of us.

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Cannabis only as part of the treatment

Who also offered another perspective on cannabis therapy, was the right molecular doctor, Janina Barbosa, who explained that cannabis is only part of the cure.

According to her, the endocannabinoid system can also be modified by what we eat and need to be part of the treatment. “It is necessary to change life to maintain balance,” she said.

Sharing Societies

Although the event focused on advancing cannabis medicine, there was also a committee focused on association work, which told their story and highlighted the importance of the associative product.

Currently, entities have played an increasingly important role in democratizing access to quality medicinal cannabis.

Today, part of them agree with public colleges that analyze the extract before it is distributed to associates.

Tribute to Elisaldo Carlini and Father Ticao

At the end of the event, two icons who fought for medicinal cannabis in Brazil were honored. Professor Elisaldo Carlini and Father Ticao both passed away between the end of 2020 and the beginning of last year, but they left a great legacy.

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Professor Elisaldo Carlini One of the pioneers in the defense of medical cannabis in the country for 40 years. Known as the father of cannabis in Brazil, he has been cited nearly 12,000 times in national and international scientific research and has been awarded two Presidency Medals for his work as a researcher.

Father Tecao was the priest of the diocese of São Francisco de Assis, located in Ermelino Matarazzo, on the eastern side of São Paulo. His idea was to create the Escola da Cidadania, a project open to discussing various social and political issues.

In the last years, He was an important player in the fight against cannabis in the country. He defended medicinal cannabis and also gave the parishioners space to run the cannabis cycle, which is run by the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).

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Find a doctor

It is important to note that any product made with cannabis needs to be prescribed by a physician who will be able to determine the best treatment for your condition.

If you need help, we offer a specialist service that can answer all your questions, as well as help from the prescription to product import. click here.