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MCTI Launches “More Science in School” Public Call; Registration Opens Until 7/26

MCTI Launches “More Science in School” Public Call; Registration Opens Until 7/26

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the Ministry of Education (MEC), has launched the public call “More science at school”The program aims to spread digital culture and scientific education in basic education, by implementing maker labs in government schools.

Furthermore it, More science at school It aims to promote full-time education and enhance learning through scientific research and experimentation. The initiative aims to enhance the development of skills and capabilities in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (steam) between students and teachers, with a particular focus on the inclusion and pedagogical use of digital technologies.

To achieve this goal, scientific, technological and innovative institutions interested in implementing the laboratories will be selected. maker in schools.

Mais Ciência na Escola allocates a total of R$100,000,000.00 (one hundred million reais) for the implementation of the manufacturing laboratories. The maximum resources allocated to each proposal will be determined according to the number of public basic education schools participating, with a maximum value of R$100,000.00 (one hundred thousand reais) for each school served. This amount will be transferred to the project proponent for the purchase of equipment and the implementation of the planned activities.

More Science at School: How to Get Involved

To participate in Mais Ciência na Escola, ICT must submit a proposal with the following criteria:

  • State coverage: Proposals must be at the national level and aim to implement programme networks, preferably with full-time employment. Priority is given to municipal public primary schools in recent years;

  • Internet serviceParticipating schools must have access to the Internet according to the school census of the National Institute of Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP). If there is no access, an installation plan must be submitted as part of the project;

  • Necessary partnershipsProposals must have partnerships with municipal, county, and/or state education departments.

By participating in the Mais Ciência na Escola program, ICT collaborates directly with basic education, contributing to the training of children and young people, focusing on current and future needs. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with the community and demonstrate the positive impact of your research and innovations.

To ensure participation, it is important to pay attention to the specified dates and deadlines. Below is a detailed schedule of the steps in the process:

  • Application deadline: 07/26/2024
  • Judgment: August/2024
  • Preliminary result release: September 2024
  • Deadline for filing an appeal: 10 days after the announcement of the preliminary result
  • Final Disclosure of Approved Offers: September 2024

Educational solutions for laboratories

Educacional is committed to supporting ICT in the development of its proposals and the implementation of fabrication laboratories. Thanks to innovative solutions such as Inventura, LEGO® Education and BBC micro:bit, we enrich learning environments and foster scientific curiosity in students. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate in the preparation of activity plans and the selection of the best educational resources for schools.

Learn more about each solution:

Inventura: Complementing the Education 4.0 programme so that students learn by doing, combining technology and practical work. It consists of books with activities for students, a BBC micro:bit programming board, electronic components, an online environment and content for teachers’ guidance. All elements are organised through an innovative methodology, whose pillars are the maker culture, computational thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation. Inventura enables the transformation of school spaces, making learning more practical and dynamic;

LEGO® Education: A line from the LEGO® Group, the world-famous building block company that captivates children and adults around the world. Unlike traditional sets, LEGO® Education sets have an educational proposition. The activities offered by LEGO® Education allow students to work together and develop their creativity to an ever-increasing degree. Through technology education and educational robotics projects, students gain a better understanding of the curriculum content, develop emotional intelligence and acquire essential skills for the future.

BBC Micro:bit: A programmable board created specifically for education. It presents the concepts of programming and electronics in a practical and engaging way for children and young people. It does not require specific knowledge to start the activities, as they are implemented in a way that is understandable even to those who have never programmed. At the same time, it allows the user to gradually get acquainted with its resources and see endless ideas and possibilities of use. The BBC micro:bit module includes many on-board resources such as: LED matrix, interaction buttons, light sensors, temperature, accelerometer, magnetometer, Bluetooth and radio communications (with ANATEL certification) and possibilities to connect external sensors, motors and actuators.

For more information about Educacional solutions that can help you implement fabrication labs in schools in your area, Talk to one of our experts now.

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