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MC Daniel makes a huge mistake on stage and is eliminated from Dança dos Famosos · TV News

MC Daniel makes a huge mistake on stage and is eliminated from Dança dos Famosos · TV News

MC Danielle and Michael Borges were eliminated from Dança dos Vamosos on Sunday (9). The second group competed for three places in the next stage of the competition and presented their performances to the rhythm of salsa. In total there were five pairs. The knockout stage began last week with the departure of Lexa and Enrique Diaz.

The funk player received a low score after his score was deducted due to a choreography error. During the performance, he forgot his step and put his hands on his head in despair. The teacher helped the artist and he returned to dancing. His stance was praised, but not enough to stay.

Michael Borges was criticized for being out of sync with his partner. “I can only thank you for the lessons learned. I learned a lot. Thank you Globo, thank you for the process. Thank you very much, Luciano, for the invitation,” the Fuzuê representative said.

MC Daniel was moved when he received a standing ovation from the audience on Sunday’s show. “Dance is an expression of art that can be appreciated much more in Brazil. You who make your living from dancing, who have a wonderful history, you are warriors and you deserve much more. Luciano, thank you, you are everything. Greetings and see you soon,” he thanked.

The excluded candidate also praised the work of his teacher, Paula Santos. He said goodbye: “I wanted to express my gratitude and love to all of you, and especially to this wonderful woman. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met in my entire life.”

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In the next stage, the remaining pairs will face each other in a waltz. Six dances, and only one will be eliminated. Still in the program are: Barbara Reis, Amurri Lorenzo, Tati Machado, Juliano Fluss, Lucie Alves and Samuel de Assis.