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"Maybe I was an idiot or an idiot"

“Maybe I was an idiot or an idiot”

Critic of Sylvinho’s start in CorinthiansNeto has changed his impression of the coach because of the recent matches. This Monday (4) player and presenter of the previous program ball holders Apologize to coach Timao live.

“Not only because he beat Palmeiras, but also against Bragantino. The team is right. Maybe I was an idiot or a moron because I thought I should talk about Sylvinho to give an audience,” Neto said on the programme.

“Then I apologize to you, Sylvinho. Because what Sylvinho does, what he did in the last game, wait a minute! Maybe the players who were at Corinthians who weren’t good enough to play football.”

Neto was a prominent critic of Sylvinho in the beginning of his time in Corinthians, which began at the end of May. In June, after only two matches by the former full-back against Timao, The announcer said the coach will be fired within 10 days.

Idol Venigro’s tone has changed after the team’s last two games, both Brazilian Championship. SAO Jorge Park team Beat a Palmeiras opponent at home and then, Chased a tie with Red Bull Bragantino in visitor additions.

At the moment, Corinthians have 34 points in Brazil and are in sixth place, a position that gives a place in the preliminaries of the tournament. Libertadores Konmebol. The first team in G4, which ensures contention in the group stage of the continental competition, is succumb towhich has 36 points.

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Sylvinho’s team returns to the field on Tuesday (5), 9:30 p.m., when they face Bahia at the Neo QuĂ­mica Arena for round 24 of the Brazilian Championship.