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Mauro Naves expects Atletico MJ to leave

Mauro Naves expects Atletico MJ to leave

Credit: Disclosure / ESPN

Eliminating Atlético in Libertadores may cause some leftovers in the long run. Among the fans, there are many players who can no longer wear the white jersey. For Mauro Naves, ESPN commentator Mauro Naves, there is one player who will hardly ever play Coca again.

The expulsion of Eduardo Vargas caused serious damage to Athlete, because the Chilean will be among those selected for the penalty shootout. In an isolated move towards the end of the match, the striker grabbed referee Wilmar Roldan and was given a second yellow card.

“I don’t think this one plays anymore, right?! This one doesn’t play with Kuka anymore. It seems there’s no atmosphere, Kuka’s gone crazy because he’s going to be one of the penalty takers. And one more thing, he’s not in the game, He just goes there to complain,” Mauro said.

At the press conference, Coca was very uncomfortable with Vargas’ position. He even claimed that he would seek explanations from the Chilean before making a decision. It is entirely possible that the direction will penalize the player in the pocket.

“There is no explanation for the expulsion in a decision. An experienced man, of choice, who will bear the punishment. There is no explanation. I want to hear something from him and then make a decision,” Koca said.

It should be noted that Eduardo Vargas’ contract is until 2024.

Atletico must react in Brazil

In seventh place with 32 points, Gallo is still far from reaching the lead of Palmeiras, who currently has 45 points. Minas Gerais, the current champion, wants to finish at least among the top four. On the other hand, Hulk believes the nickname can still be researched.

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“We have to face 17 Brazilian matches as finals. When there is an opportunity mathematically, anything is possible. Nothing is impossible for God and all our team has great faith. We have to face 17 matches as finals because we only have the Brazilian team to play and get bigger,” Hulk said. A number of points for doing the math at the end.”

It’s hard to explain and find an explanation. We had a chance to score and we didn’t turn. Punishments are often luck and hierarchy. We are sad. But we know that we have a greater responsibility. And fight there, in the G-4, which is what everyone wants – said Alonso