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Mauro: "Hulk was a risky deal for Gallo. Cuca would have a job" - 04/13/2021

Mauro: “Hulk was a risky deal for Gallo. Cuca would have a job” – 04/13/2021

Sent off after the defeat to Cruzeiro Last Sunday (11), Hulk is still working to show goodness football That was expected at the time you were hired by Atlético MG. On the board of directors of “Fala, Maurão” for this week, The Mauro Cesar Pereira is a columnist at Owl University They analyzed the player’s current moment and rated Minas Gerais’s decision to sign him as “risky”. (See from 5 minutes 08).

“When Hulk was hired by Atlético, there was a lot of fanfare. But he’s a veteran who hasn’t had very encouraging numbers in his last pass through Chinese football. He’s a player that, even his name says, relies a lot on fitness. Which depends a lot on fitness.” The more veteran he becomes, the more difficult it becomes for him, because he loses his strength with age. The structure depends on strength, “he explained.

The numbers are not very exciting and the start in Atlético-MG will be difficult for Coach Cuca, in Mauro Cesar’s view. The columnist noted that the cast from Minas Gerais was built under different departments, with technicians Jorge Sampaoli and Coca, directors Alexander Matos and Rodrigo Caetano, Sergio Set Camara and Sergio Coelho.

“There are players of three stages: just Matos, Sampaoli and Matos and now Rodrigo Caetano and Coca, plus two presidents of that period. It’s a patchwork quilt, Coca will have to tie everything to form a team. At least that’s what we saw in the defeats against Caldense and Sea tripThere will be work. Hulk is perhaps one of the biggest challenges Cuca will face at this start in Atlético. “

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a Sports Today (13) showed that Hulk chatted with Coca after losing to Cruzeiro. The owner of the number 7 looked for information about the coach’s football rating, when he saw that he had been overtaken by the Venezuelan Safarino in the team.

“He is a player who is not cheap, and because of his fame, there will always be a hubbub in order to put him on the field and see what he can show. So far, he has shown very little. I would say that was a risky signature. He will definitely have some good matches, but will he have a regularity.” What is expected of him? This is a heavy bet, very heavy, “Mauro continued.