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Mauro Cesar: Gallo makes a show and massacres.  Fla plays poorly and tied thanks to the VAR - 10/20/2021

Mauro Cesar: Gallo makes a show and massacres. Fla plays poorly and tied thanks to the VAR – 10/20/2021

In theory, based on campaigns in the Brazilian championship, consistency of opponents and longer work of the coach, Fortaleza was the toughest opponent among the favorites in the Copa del Rey semi-finals. But Atletico Mineiro refuted this logic, if we can call it that.

A merciless defeat from 4 to 0, the cock trap works perfectly in the fencing in Belo Horizonte. As a result, the great performance and technical difference between the teams, and the sports presence in a decision spy National is almost certain, only an absolutely unlikely change of course will prevent the classification of the Serie A leader.

Atletico’s irregularities in their last matches, the previous four with new coach, Alberto Valentim, made Paraná’s side look dangerously unstable in the semi-finals. But Flamengo de Renato Gaúcho, again, did not know how to impose his highest technical quality. An open game, where teams are given lots of space, lots of running and kicks, and lots of throwing.

Flamengo fans opened the scoreboard in the first stage, but they never imposed themselves. The athletes were more disoriented on the sprint than the team with a consistent strategy. But they tied with a header at the beginning of the second half, and another suffered by Flamengo, in air traffic, for Syndicate Young people, for example.

How will the role of the hurricane end? It’s clear with a header, with Renato Kaiser, on top of Leo Pereira, who also mistook Pedro Henrique in the equaliser. This was after the Rio team attempted to “go out to play” three times by pulling the ball, as was common under Renato. Flamengo is disjointed, very weak in defensive air play and this does not impose itself.

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A draw would never have happened without Lucas Fasson’s ridiculous penalty kick on Rodrigo Caillou in the last step of the match. Among the VAR penalties already included in football. Pedro equalized, but Renato’s team did not deserve 2-2, and to detail, the kick from the center forward into the net of Santos only honored the second serve on goal given by the Rio de Janeiro team throughout the second stage.

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