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Maurício de Souza says Turma da Mônica can win LGBTQIA+

Maurício de Souza says Turma da Mônica can win LGBTQIA+

Mauricio de Sousa is betting more and more on characters that represent diversity, and he does not rule out the possibility of creating an LGBTQIA+ character in Turma da Mônica. “It’s coming… I hope the gay attitude becomes more and more acceptable, basically. We’re discussing this, yeah. We’re discussing with the book, with Mauro (son), with the people close to us there so that there’s a positive character. In every way”, He stated this in an interview with BBC News Brasil.

Mauricio de Sousa reports that his personal experience with his son made him learn a lot about this universe. “I have a son who, well, he goes out (gay) and I adore my son. He takes care of such an important part [da empresa], which are offers and offers. And it puts a knot in people who are older and have more experience,” he said. Mauro Sousa is the Director of Shows, Parks and Events at Mauricio de Sousa Produções.

In the interview, Mauricio de Sousa also told how he learned that his son is gay. “It also opened in front of me and we always understood each other well. With my children, I always understood myself well. This case was a little different but it was also a very interesting and enjoyable experience, because it is the door to life and happiness. Realization too”, he recalls.

For him, there should be no barriers to happiness. “There can be no obstacles to sensations. It is a method, an attitude, it is a word that escapes me now … a behavior … it is not a behavior either, the word escapes me. But anyway, I think it is the right of all of us to live what is Pleasant, necessary, and good for us. But, above all, if it’s good for more than one, it’s even better. And I think it was a very good experience for me too.”

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