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Matthews loses the test, but expresses Veronica's 'withdrawal'

Matthews loses the test, but expresses Veronica’s ‘withdrawal’

Mateus Pires entered the sights of the Treebo Soul members after inflicting a defeat on a crucial test for Unlimited 6. On Thursday’s episode (5), the teacher realized he was in danger of being eliminated, and when he found out that Veronica Kretschmann had been shaken by the challenge, he encouraged the then-ally to ask to leave the dispute—which succeeded.

The episode started with the Moon Tribe’s dilemmas. Victor Hugo de Castro was shaken by The loss of an ally Diane Cena. Therefore, the copywriter questioned the strategy of Guza Rezê, which was almost eliminated from the attractiveness. “I thought about talking to her about harm reduction. She has a conversation with a coach, like: ‘You guys, it’s okay, things are fine.’ But, in reality, they are not,” the participant complained.

At the Blue Group camp, Bruna Negreska was shocked to find a snake in the wild. “I pushed her there and she ran away. I am a woman from the stone forest, Sao Paulo, she [a cobra] My ass passed,” she breathed in a breathless voice.

Proof of Excellence

The first episode of tonight’s episode was aimed at solving the mystery. However, participants were only able to access the parts after completing the obstacle course. Since Tribo Lua had one less participant, the Tribo Sol members decided to take Patrícia Tomé out of the challenge.

The Lua participants started out with a head start, but were stumbled by obstacles. Thus, Sol’s competitors turned the tables, won the race and finally got the fire and food in larger quantities.

After winning, the participants in Seoul enjoyed a “banquet” limited to three tablespoons per person. However, they complained about Patricia’s stance, who came in the crosshairs of Vanderley Ramiro and Ninha Santiago.

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The defeat was shaken, and the Moon members once again complained about the excess of leaders in the group. Therefore, Adriano Gannam suggested dividing leadership according to the capabilities of each one, which was accepted by the participants. In the statement to the production, Guza admitted, “I don’t want to win. What I want is to express people out of here.”

What is pre-visualization?

In Treebo Luau, the position taken by Shirley Gonsalves caused a revolution in Gnan and Bruna. While the participants were talking about sexual diversity, the physical education teacher interrupted the conversation to suggest a group prayer to the group.

“She made her prayer, but it was at a very inopportune moment, we were talking about diversity. The word she used was: ‘I have my principles.’ I understand it as: ‘Look, I’m here with you, I understand some things, but I’m here and there,'” he complained the doctor.

“There are Catholics, people from Kandomble, from Umbanda. Some people were uncomfortable with this, myself included. I think there is this division within our tribe, but it was not a good time to say that, because we were leaving for a test,” Bruno complained.

On the other hand, Rodrigo Moraes saw the prayer with good eyes: “I think that moment was very important, because she felt that after the first gate, there was a split in the group.”

Immunology test

Sponsored by a car brand, the circuit asked participants to load vehicles with sandbags. The runners then had to take the cars to the second part of the race, where they used the bags as steps to get to a tall item.

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After that, the vehicles had to be fitted with wooden logs, which were taken to the third stage where they would be used to build a ladder. The goal was to raise the Shepherd’s flag.

At this last stage, Matthews got confused with his mission, which was to untie the knots that were linking the grades together. With that, Tribo Lua opened up a huge advantage over Tribo Sol, which ensured the representatives of the night won.

With the defeat, a portion of Seol’s members began to express in favor of eliminating Pierce. On the other hand, Patricia’s name appeared as one of the targets.

Veronica Kretschmann got into a crisis, complained of body aches and thought about giving up. Realizing that she was in danger, Pires encouraged her friend to drop the competition. So the realtor broke down in tears and asked to be eliminated.

write-off gate

At the time of the vote, Veronica complained of the “cliffhanger” caused by Peres and voted for her former ally. “I want to put a little fire in the wood there, people. Pronunciation is not my type of game. I play with my head, I play with my will. Therefore, I don’t want others to encourage me to vote for someone,” the participant highlighted.

However, the participant’s plea was answered by the group. When the brokerage firm won the majority of votes, Fernando Fernandez boycotted the screening process and ordered the participant to leave.

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