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Matheus Vital was injured in a heavy tackle on his Cruzeiro debut after leaving Corinthians

Mateus Vital left Corinthians at the start of the season, terminated his contract until the end of the year and moved to Cruzeiro – Timão kept the player’s percentage. At the age of 24, the midfielder made his debut for the Minas Gerais club in the state championship and suffered an ankle injury in a violent attempt.

Vital entered the field in the second half for Cruzeiro, but had to be substituted after just 20 minutes inside the four lines against Patrosinense. The player who has part of his rights attached to Timão was carrying the ball on the left side of the field when he was tackled from behind just from the ankle – See the video below.

Despite the strictness of entry, the opposing player was only warned with a yellow card, and continued onto the field. The referee’s decision angered the athlete, who posted a story on Instagram mocking the card: “Yellow is a good size,” highlighting the swelling in the ankle.

The injury has yet to be analyzed by the club’s medical department, who will need to submit the player to medical tests before a recovery time can be confirmed.

Watch the entry view of Mateus Vital and the player’s ankle

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