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MasterChef Professionals 2022: Helena Rizzo was as grumpy as she didn’t have a catastrophic test

“I want to make it clear that I didn’t head to the kitchen. I suggested the menu and the participants drove each other. It was really nice to be so close to the kitchen. I like to follow them and think about what they’re doing, but I miss my day job, the rush. And it gave me that little feeling. I was so happy To allow me to do this episode. I was nervous, too. It was great, but the race was a disaster.”

When asked if she was upset with the delivery of the participants, Helena confirmed: I was, but I could not explain things well. ” For her, the chefs, who had just joined the program, were very confident.

“I thought they broke in the first hour. They thought they would be able to do everything without stress, in peace, and in the end I thought they would do absolutely nothing. It went anyway,” he said.

Helena Rizzo: “Self-criticism is in my daily life”

Helena Rizzo got out of hand for being very demanding with herself, as well as wanting to get the best out of her MasterChef participants.

“I hate going to a restaurant and waiting for food for a long time. The restaurant we build on a daily basis. We always have to see how we can improve. As a judge we only seem to be critical, but I am more critical of what I do than others. This self-criticism in my kitchen is in everyday life This makes us serve more and more better food,” he considers.

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