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Saiba quem são os finalistas do MasterChef Brasil

MasterChef participants celebrate going to the final with funk dance; Watch

In the last challenge, each of them will have to make a complete list to satisfy the judges. With appetizers, main course and dessert, they will be judged on technique, creativity, and flavour. Let the best win!

Who are the finalists for MasterChef Brazil?

Eduardo, 19 years old

The student was already in MasterChef Brasil’s kitchen in 2015 and appeared in the junior edition of talent program. Now, he says he’s more than ready to be a hero, a promise he made when he was eliminated years ago. Throughout the eighth season, paulista has been highlighted in confectionery and Set a record in the elimination tests.

Isabella, 25 years old

A fan of Helena Rizzo, the actress took inspiration from chef cues to create her own gastronomy style. Isabella defines herself as “human” and loves all forms of artistic expression, especially when she’s in the kitchen. In the program, the participant never appeared negative and is called “disparateBy Henrique Fogasa.

Klein, 28 years old

Klein, a devotee, has a law degree, but is studying nutrition because of her passion for culinary art. In her MasterChef post, she went through her ups and downs until she was able to establish herself in cooking and show off what she knows. that lemon pie Who made it, in one of the relishes, was considered one of the best desserts Fugaka had ever tasted on the show.

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