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MAST/MCTI’s 200 Years of Science and Nation project recalls the beginning and process of the formation of Brazil-Portuguese (Brazil)

The Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences (MAST), a research unit of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), is carrying out actions to celebrate the 200th anniversary of science in Brazil. MAST’s actions sought to show the general public that science is part of our daily lives and not just a matter of “geniuses” with their great discoveries and inventions.

According to MAST, the 200 Years of Flag and Nation Project marks the beginning and process of forming a nation called Brazil and not merely the end of dependence on Portugal. There are still many unresolved problems arising from the colony and slavery. Therefore, throughout 2022 the project reviewed different aspects of Brazilian history and culture with a focus on science and technology, uOnce without science and technology there is no autonomy and no hope for a future place for Brazil and its inhabitants.

MAST also invited the directors of research units at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations to talk about how their institutions and the sciences they do there contribute to the country’s development. Ten testimonials are available on YouTube, and more will be available throughout the year.

Watch the first video:

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