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Mary Matarazzo and Matthews Urley win a pair from Power Brazil 5 - RecordTV

Mary Matarazzo and Matthews Urley win a pair from Power Brazil 5 – RecordTV

Mari Matarazzo and Matheus Yurley are the biggest winners of Brazil Power Couple 5. The couple defeated Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomao on Friday’s live show (23) with 63.41% of the vote.

During confinement, Mary and Matthews experienced a “sting and puff” relationship on the reality show. Several times, the couple argued and beat the matter up, even receiving love advice from colleagues in the palace. They also disagreed with Deborah and Bruno NS Medrado and Claitao.

Matthews took Happiness to short energy. Hilarious, the YouTuber told entertaining stories, danced a lot and even climbed on the table to ensure a smile on the participants’ faces.

Marie has already shown that makeup is her thing! digital influencer Assist The program of imprisoning colleagues in the days of live broadcasts and gave several tips and tricks about beauty

Also, Mary and Matthews made friends on the reality show. The two had fun with Pepe, Pembolo, Marcia, Rod, Mirella, Eugenie, Renata and Leandro.

Little by little, the pair witness their colleagues farewell and end up running out of allies in the Power Mansion.

Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomao

The two Vice Champions, Deborah and Bruno led discussions with several colleagues. Nina and PhilipAnd Marcia WardAnd Medrado and ClaitaoAnd Mary and Matthews NS Mirella and Eugenie They disagreed with the husband.

aka Casal FĂȘnix, Deborah and Bruno did a very good job in tests and dynamics.

They also made friends. Georgia, Thiago, JB, Lee, Mirella and Dinho became great allies of the two all season.

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