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Marx Mendes considers UK decision to remove Portugal from green list "totally incomprehensible" - O Journal Economico

Marx Mendes considers UK decision to remove Portugal from green list “totally incomprehensible” – O Journal Economico

Social Democrat commentator Louis Marx Mendes said this Sunday that the UK’s decision to remove Portugal from the travel green list was “completely incomprehensible”.

After being questioned by SIC reporters about the decision by Boris Johnson’s executive, Marx Mendes said it was “completely incomprehensible” and promised to have “factual data showing the matter”. For the Social Democrats, the move is an expression of “selfishness” on the part of the British. “They thought about them, not overall,” he thought.

Note that the UK determined on June 3 a list of countries that the British could visit without being isolated when they returned, while explaining that the reason was linked to the increase in Govt-19 cases in Portugal.

Marx Mendes explained that the decision was justified by the “delicate situation” experienced in the United Kingdom, with a grand opening scheduled for June 21. “There are experts who say they should step back,” he stressed.

As for the arguments used, the commentator agrees with the development of cases in Portugal, but points out that this is a “reduced increase, not a significant increase”. Regarding the differences, Marx Mendes says that the British had a “very bad” problem in this matter. “There is no reason to be financially strapped,” he assured.

Marx Mendes’ criticisms were not limited to the British government and included the actions of the Portuguese government. “It is serious that the government is not ready,” the commentator said, adding that “one of the functions of the Foreign Ministry is to serve expectations.” “It’s incomprehensible, this part has failed,” he promised.

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