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Marketers are trying to put ads in dreams

Marketers are trying to put ads in dreams

Sleep experts warn of a new marketing tactic: injecting advertising into the public’s dreams. trio of researchers From Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Montreal Essay on “breakthrough” dreams in ion Warning that according to a survey, 77% of marketers plan to use this Technique over the next three years.

“Many marketing studies are openly testing new ways to alter and motivate sleep-buying and dream-hacking behavior. The profitable commercial use of a dream nursery – providing stimuli before or during sleep to influence dream content – ​​is fast becoming a reality.” Team Books

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Two authors previously worked on the . file MIT device Designed to connect with sleeping volunteers and even “hack” their dreams. Of particular concern, they say, was an advertising campaign by the Molson Coors prior to the 2021 Super Bowl, which promised free beer in exchange for participating in a “Incubation of Dreams” study that includes Video with dancing beer cans and talking fishPlus pop star Zayn Malik.

This has been called Targeted Dream Nursery, a term coined by two of the three in Article from 2020, which means that advertisers are actually looking forward to academic work on dream-breaking.

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All three books open letter Who criticized advertisers trying to hack dreams. Forty scholars signed the document. The book also argued that the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates advertising in United StateRules against subliminal messages in advertising should be updated to ban dream nursery.

According to the scientists, while the dream nursery has practical uses, it is only a matter of time before companies making watches, wearables, Applications And other sleep monitoring technologies start selling this data for profit or using these tools to influence dreams.

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Moreover, they pointed out study Which found that mixing unpleasant odors with cigarette smoke while smokers slept daily reduced their smoking habit the next day, for example.

The researchers cautioned that “Korse’s dream announcement was not just an intriguing marketing campaign, but a sign that what was once science fiction could become our reality.”

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