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Mark Zuckerberg says he has a goat called Bitcoin and posts a picture on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg says he has a goat called Bitcoin and posts a picture on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is a very important name in the technology sector, as he is the founder and current CEO of a company The social networking site FacebookThe largest social network in the world. He is known for being a conservative person, and unlike Elon Musk, he doesn’t publish much about his investments. But in a recent post on your profile, Zuckerberg has proven himself to be a bitcoin fanYou might even send a “secret” message to your followers.

The billionaire behind the largest social network in the world Spread On his profile is a simple photo of two of his goats on his personal farm. What attracted so much attention was my two names: E Max Bitcoin.

Mark Zuckerberg e Bitcoin?

Apparently, Zuckerberg finally gave up and joined the wave of creating posts similar to Elon Musk (who had been playing a lot with Dogecoin until recently).

With less than 30 minutes, the post has already garnered over 28,000 comments, 3,000 shares, and nearly 60,000 likes.

Public participation in posting Mark Zuckerberg talking about his bitcoin goat.

Could it be an “subconscious” message to the world?

Wear your aluminum foil hats because something is getting a lot of attention in Zuckerberg’s post, from its nature to what it’s being said about it. What if he was more than just showing his appreciation for the two animals with strange names?

In his post he only wrote “My Goats: Max and Bitcoin”. Merging the Max and Bitcoin names might sound very simple, but it could also have something meaningful with an emphasis on Max Bitcoin.

“Max Bitcoin” is a term that can be used at one point or another to tell someone to buy Bitcoins and further allocate the currency in their wallet (Bitcoin Maximization, in free translation).

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It’s a very common phrase among Bitcoin extremists and it seems that the names of Zuckerberg’s goats are too coincidental to be relevant.

Another curiosity is that GOAT in English is also an acronym for “The Greatest of All Time,” or in free translation, “The Greatest of All Time.”

In Zuck’s case, in English it sounds something like “Bitcoin is the GOAT”.

But of course, this is pure speculation on our part and he may have simply chosen the names at random, but nevertheless, the post is great for being the first time a Facebook CEO has posted something about digital currency.