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Maria Beltrau says she laughed in the Pope's face when she heard an unusual question: "I went into hysteria" |  TV and celebrities

Maria Beltrau says she laughed in the Pope’s face when she heard an unusual question: “I went into hysteria” | TV and celebrities

Visit Maria Beltrau Pope Francis gave something to talk about on social media! Also, no wonder: how can you not imagine this meeting of millions between the charismatic presenter “It’s from homeAnd the world leader of the Catholic Church?

Record Maria Beltrau presenting sweets to the Pope – Photo: Globo

During the program, Maria pleased us by telling us about this “passage” through the Vatican:

“I was already very happy, that I got 200 medals, which I am going to distribute to you. (…) I am the kind of ignorant person who asked if he could take sweets to the Pope. He loves sweets, but he must eat, I said. I’m going to take paçoquinha, pé de moleque, bolo de roll, brigadiers…”

Maria Beltrao says she laughed so hard at meeting Pope Francis – Photo: Globo

And during the conversation, the presenter laughed well at some absurdity that had occurred:

“When I saw myself in front of the pope, I even explained that that candy was his… I think I speak Javanese, he didn’t understand anything, I was very nervous, and he came out to bless the sweets. I got more and more nervous, I opened the candy box and said to him: ‘Papa, It’s yours and you won’t get fat.” He looked, and started laughing and said, “Oh, you’re getting fat!”

Having accomplished the task of delivering the candy, Maria said that she heard an unusual question:

“After he said that, I went into Mariah’s madness, out of hysteria. I hugged the Pope, smeared my makeup… Then he looked at me very seriously and said he had a question. And I shook hands with him, because when I’m nervous I do everything wrong until the Pope asks: “Do you Cachaca is water?” (Laughter) And then I slapped the Pope and said, “I think it’s the Holy Father, because I drink a lot.”

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