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Marcos Ochoa links Globo and Bolsonaro's mass layoffs: 'He took the lead'

Marcos Ochoa links Globo and Bolsonaro’s mass layoffs: ‘He took the lead’

Marcos Ochoa Attributed to mass layoffs in Globe for the president Jair Bolsonaroin an interview conducted on Monday (23). The engagement came at the hands of the journalist after he left the radio station where he had been residing for 34 years in November of last year. He said the CEO has imposed a recruitment system harmful to the channel, which has led to significant salary cuts in recent years.

“I don’t have a contract anymore. It was one of the things Bolsonaro did… Previously, the people who got better paid at Globo were earning as a legal entity. In the first year of government, he was already at the top in terms of employment, saying he couldn’t Be that as it may, and everyone gets to work again. Even Galvão, even Faustão,” Marcos Ochoa told the Inteligência Ltda podcast.

“I was a paid person like everyone else. There was no expiration period. I quit naturally. I explained I wanted to leave. I have no regrets for Globo. Of course, there were times when I wanted to do things I couldn’t because they wouldn’t let me But that’s the rule of the game.”

Ochoa, who is still on the podcast, said the station is also going through a financial crisis. “Globo, like many media outlets, suffers from money leaving traditional media and money entering the internet. For example, your software is an opponent, a competitor that didn’t exist years ago.”

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The decrease in funds also leads to losses and the need to adjust its spending, according to the journalist. On this side, [saem] Older people, who have been there longer, with better salaries also because of all these years. Reducing contracts, not renewing them, and firing these people, it’s faster to make savings.”

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The veteran criticized the policy pursued by the channel. “I wouldn’t do it like that, I think it’s wrong. The identity of a media outlet is very much the professional I’m used to seeing. You create an identity that shakes when these people leave, and you need to rebuild it.” The strategy has also been adopted In the entertainment sector, which also lost a large part of the acting.

“Because she has less money, Globo now travels less. In [coberturas de] The wars you’ve made, a new reporter won’t do. Globo press curtailed its ambitions.”

Ochoa said he still chose to leave For not agreeing to the form of journalism that was taking place in. “I like to go places, and do reports locally,” he emphasized. He regretted that he could not cover the conflicts in Hong Kong and the crisis in Greece recently. It was hard to let go of my salary. It was a very good and comfortable salary,” he admitted. Watch this excerpt from the interview: