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Marcio Garcia talks about "crackle" after signing Marcos Millon

Marcio Garcia talks about “crackle” after signing Marcos Millon

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The atmosphere behind the scenes at Globo is not friendly at all. With Luciano Huck going on Sundays and Hiring Marcos Millon to lead CalderaoOn Saturdays, the big names in the network are feeling ‘tight’. A host from Rio station was going to talk about a “rattling” when left aside in the fixed grid for the weekend.

According to the columnist Alessandro Lo Bianco, from A Tarde é Sua, Presented by Sonia Abrão on RedeTV! Marcio Garcia was not happy with the Saturday and Sunday programming. According to the caller, Garcia had said he would be the “natural heir” to present a firmware, rather than seasons, on the network.

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According to information from Lo-Bianco, the arrival of Marcos Mion at the Rio de Janeiro radio station and the departure of Fernanda Gentil on Sunday, with a new game show, spoiled Marcio Garcia’s patience. As for the people close to him, he would say he had projects to stay in the fixed network. He would even have commented that news of Mion’s employment came in the form of a trip.

Also, according to the columnist, Globo is conducting a poll, which, supposedly, will last two months, the presenter should take over Saturdays on the network. The list includes the names Mion, Garcia, Thiago Levert, Andre Marquez, Fernanda Lima and Chuxa. If the audience is well appreciated, the Eternal Queen of the Young can return with a music program, similar to the old “Planeta Xuxa”.

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The Voice Kids is currently run by Marcio Garcia. Recently introduced the family size shown on Sunday. Behind the scenes, in addition to Garcia, many presenters were saying that appointing Mion was pointless, because Globo would already have enough names to take on the new attractions planned for this year and next.

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However, Mion became Marinho’s new darling. He is so respected that The directors decided to increase the participation of the presenter in the Globo . network. According to information published by the TV news portal, Marcos Millon will be the new presenter of the Rock In Rio and Lollapalooza festivals, which are scheduled to take place in 2022.

Also, according to the site, the selection was based on Mion’s past who has presented programs on MTV and because he has the ease of communicating with the young audience he spoke to during his long tenure at the music channel. In addition to presenting the best moments of Rock In Rio on Open TV, the presenter will also participate in the coverage that will be done by Multishow.

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