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Marcio Fernandez talks about the expectations for the quartet: "I'm not afraid of anything" |  Paysandu

Marcio Fernandez talks about the expectations for the quartet: “I’m not afraid of anything” | Paysandu

This Saturday, the 13th, Paysandu He played his last game in the first stage of the Brazilian Series C. Now, Boogeyman is already thinking about a quadrangle. The two-color team will face traditional Brazilian soccer teams. However, coach Marcio Fernandez says the two-color team also has a history and a jersey. Despite stating that he is not afraid of Lobo’s next opponents, he admits to being afraid through arbitration.

We have the same conditions as the other three (teams). God wanted us to stay in this key. This is the key we will have to access. I’m a little concerned about arbitration. It is not possible what was happening in the Italian league. There are questionable moves for us, but in the other matches they are seen as certain things.. Speaking of our key, I’m not afraid of anything.

They will also face Paysandu. We have to do our best. We know they are teams with big fans, but the level of focus will be greater. Sometimes we relax in some circumstances that can be fatal.

– Marcio Fernandez

The coach did not like some of the decisions made by the referee. Some Paysandu players fell inside the area and demanded a penalty but nothing was scored. A penalty kick can put Boogeyman on a par on the scoreboard. The two-tone team crushed Floresta, but failed to score. Marcio comments that this is his “moment of loss” and believes Boogeyman will have no room for negative results in the quadrangle.

In the Series C quadrant, Paysandu’s first opponent will be Vitoria, in Paradao, with no specific date. Find out the order of other Bogeman clashes (by clicking here).

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