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Marcia Felipe, Medrado, Bimbulo They Are in DR for the Powerful Couple;  Voting in the poll · TV news

Marcia Felipe, Medrado, Bimbulo They Are in DR for the Powerful Couple; Voting in the poll · TV news

With huts and lively debates, it was the first official DR for Brazil Power Couple 5 Dawn was formed on Thursday (20). Bimbulo and Baby PaolilloAnd the Fernanda MedradoAnd Claitau, e Marcia Felipe and Rod Pala In danger of wiping out Record’s reality show. Who do you want to save? Vote in the poll at the end of the text.

Bimbulo and Pepe already She’s been on DR since last week, When they lost replays. They only had a chance to save themselves if they won the couples match, which did not happen.

Danny Hipolito and Fabio Castro They did poorly in the week because they built up the smallest cash balance between spouses. Midrado It was Claytaw Defeated in proof of husbands, and passport stamped too For the hot seat.

Before voting starts, Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomao, The new Casal Power, had to choose one of the powers that the production separated: picking three couples who weren’t in the GDR and giving them the power to vote with double weight, or changing one of the pairs in the hot seat, except for Pimpolho and Pepe for another saved.

They choose to save Danny and Fabio. “They are a couple we love very much, we talk a lot about the point they left a little bit. We have a great affinity with them,” Salomo explained. Marcia Felipe And Pala is in the danger zone. The singer was disgusted and used this moment to prick her Previous mythsWhich he called a “liar.”

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At the time the couples voted in public, Thiago and Georgia were the preferred target of the majority, receiving four nominations. But what they didn’t expect was that Casal Power had to salvage a pair of DR, and the two ended up in the danger zone.

Already in the final part of the live release, Deborah and Marcia had a huge live chat with the ex-Ronaldina According to an alleged assault the singer was to be subjected to, Who ran out of patience and hinted that had it not been for them on the reality show, she would have attacked Solomon’s wife. Adriane Galisteu had to step in and say the direction would analyze the recorded scenes and make the decision if it found something.

Who voted for whom?

Bimbulo and Pepe Paolillo -> Thiago and Georgia
Lee Martins and JB Mantovani -> Mirela and Yogner
Jonathan Costa and Carolina Santos -> Thiago, Georgia
Matthews Yurley and Mary Matarazzo -> Lee and GB
Fernanda Medrado and Claitau -> Thiago, Georgia
MC Mirela and Dinho Alves -> Thiago, Georgia
Thiago Bertoldo and Georgia Froehlich -> Jonathan and Carolina
Marcia Felipe & Rod Balla -> Lee and GB
Felipe Duarte and Nina Cachoeira -> Danielle and Fabio
Renata Dominguez and Leandro Galleria -> Mirela and Yogner
Daniel Hipolito and Fabio Castro -> Jonathan and Carolina
Marella Janice and Eugenier Angelo -> Lee and GB
Deborah Albuquerque & Bruno Salomau -> Daniel & Fabio