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Marcia Castro on “Axé” album, with guest appearances from Ivete Sangalo a Emicida: “I like to listen and exercise”

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Written by Danny Arayes

Those who lived through the 1990s developed Axe fever. Cut decades later, and we have a chance to enjoy this revisited sound on the new album by Marcia Castro, a singer from Bahia based in São Paulo. ‘Axé’ has already hit the catwalks and has a great guest appearance Yvette SangaloAnd Margaret MenezesAnd Daniela MercuryAnd Russian Passaboso (Baiana system), confused, plus new songs from Charlie BrownAnd Nando’s Race NS exterminator.

artistic direction from Marcus BlackThe album was produced by the singer and composer Lucas Santana and Mosul Letteres Let (who died at the end of October), from the iconography Rambles Orchestra, which mixes woodwind, symphonic and jazz with candomblé drums. “I am really looking forward to launching this business, which has been in place since before the pandemic,” Marcia says.

“It’s hard to listen to a recording we make because we have to listen to it multiple times. But this is an album that I love to hear and re-listen to, I really get to know his voice. I hope people enjoy it as much as we do – and that I can play that work as much as possible.” .

Marcia Castro in the new work “Axé”

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