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Marcelo Cerrado resigned from his public office after reporting

A week after the publication of a report denouncing the presence of a group of phantom employees in Cidade das Artes, in Rio, actor Marcelo Cerrado, artistic director of the cultural complex, requested the dismissal of the post. And his dismissal was published in the official newspaper of the municipality, last Tuesday (13).

The report was published on September 6 on the BandNews website, and it did not mention Marcelo, the hero of the TV series “Cara e Coragem” (Globo), along with Paola Oliveira. Cerrado had held the position for one year and nine months and, according to F5, earned a monthly salary of around R$8,000.

The artist has been running the complex since January 1, 2021, when the current municipal government took over in Rio. In an interview with F5, he said he decided to step down from the position because he was unable to fit in with his schedule on television, and says that from the start he agreed that he would work “once or twice a week”.

Marcelo was nominated by Daniela Maia, then president of Riotur, a Rio municipal tourism company. Daniela was dating actor Alexandre Cerrado’s brother, daughter of former mayor Cesar Maia, author of the project of the 97,000 square meter cultural center in Barra da Tijuca.

Opened in 2013, Cidade das Artes took ten years to build and cost R$560 million to build for Rio’s public coffers — seven times the value of the initial project, which Maia submitted in 2002.

Folha – You have been the coach of Cidade das Artes since January 2021. Why did you decide to leave now?

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Marcelo Cerrado – I left for a personal reason. I’ve been trying to leave for a while, it was like not being able to juggle everything. It has nothing to do with what was posted. This is the advisory thing, Technical Director [Miguel] Did Falabella do it, as Domingos de Oliveira did, remember?

Fulha – How was your job?

Marcelo Cerrado – My agreement with them from the start was to go once or twice a week. It was calm, but now I could never go. I thought it would be possible to reconcile but now with the novel it was difficult. I couldn’t do that anymore, so I asked for my acquittal.

Folha – Did Globo know you worked at the town hall that the announcer hired? Isn’t there an internal rule that forbids this?

Marcelo Cerrado – Zero! When I started there, I told them, I was always transparent. I only accepted because when Cesar Maya was mayor he appointed Falabella, there was no such thing as going every day. (F5 asked, consulting firm Globo said it would “not be back in time” to publish this report.)

Folha – Was the fact that your brother was a friend of Daniela Maia, then president of Riotur, the body responsible for Cidade da Musica, a coincidence?

Marcelo Cerrado – Look, then you are going to another side. One thing has nothing to do with the other. She called me as a manager, Danny has known me for years, if it wasn’t for me, it would be someone else [a ocupar o cargo].