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Marcel sees Botafogo looking for titles in 2023 and praises 'big dad' Luis Castro: 'Staff understand he was fair in his choices'

Marcel sees Botafogo looking for titles in 2023 and praises ‘big dad’ Luis Castro: ‘Staff understand he was fair in his choices’

After profound transformations, with many arrivals and some departures, the crew Botafogo He reincarnated and now lives in a positive environment. This has a lot of finger Luis Castro. In an interview with “Lance!” left back Marsal He praised the coach of Alfinegro and the way he dealt with the athletes and created a good atmosphere.

– He’s a great dad, he knows what he wants in terms of the game. He is an experienced coach, he knows how he wants to play, he knows where he wants to surprise, how he wants to start and finish the match. We see an exceptional professional. And on a daily basis, that big, ear-pulling daddy knows the way to talk to guys. It’s hard to see in a great team with high quality, everyone is satisfied, but today everyone is satisfied, they understand the way he plays, they think he was fair in his choices, and that’s the most important thing. Marsal said the environment is great.

After beating Curitiba, Botafogo finished the final round on the front page of the Brazilian Championship, distancing himself from the relegation zone. For this year, the goal is not to fear, but Marsal has made it clear that the club will be seeking titles as early as 2023.

– The goal this year is to stay in the first division, and next year is to win a cup. Botafogo is starting to improve from the inside out in everything they need to win championships. That’s what we think, hopefully next year we can get some excited – said Marsal, adding:

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Very good things are coming next year, Botafogo fans can expect a different season than this year, because the team will be fully formed. This year was the first at SAF, with so many changes, so many players arriving and adding quality to our squad, but everything takes a while to settle down, until things go as the club and the coach want. Next year, the results will come in the preparatory season with the coach and the players who have arrived.