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Manuel Gomez is in an embarrassing situation in New York

Manuel Gomez is in an embarrassing situation in New York

And in the “Balanço Geral” recorded, this Tuesday (25), during the segment “A Hora da Venenosa”, Reinaldo Gutino with Fabiola Ribeyer gave news of a famous singer who gave something to talk about!

We are talking about the creator Manuel Gomez, the author of the song “Canita Azul”, which was a real hit in 2020. As many know, the singer is in New York on business, on a concert tour throughout the United States .

Then Fabiola Ripert explained in detail what happened to him: “While passing through Time Square, he accidentally ended up pretending, lost among the people.”

Then, the video presenter showed himself looking very lost amidst the cries of the people who were demonstrating against the Dalai Lama. Gutino asked, in turn, “Does he think it was for him?”

📷 Manuel Gomez makes the news in “General Equilibrium” in Hora da Venenosa with Fabiola Ripert and Gutino |reproduction

Fabiola Riper even went so far as, according to her, he could think those people were there because of him. But in the video you can clearly see he was completely lost with no idea what was going on.

With nearly 3 million followers on his Instagram and TikTok profiles, Manoel Gomes arrived in New York last Thursday (20) to perform the nine shows of his Blue Pen tour. The Brazilian will pass through seven cities, including Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas and, of course, New York.

Check out the video!

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What happened to Manuel Gomez?

Despite his success again, Manuel Gomez has had some good times. That is why immediately after the immediate success, Manuel Gomez planned a tour with shows in Europe.

But, the performances had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period, the man from Maranhão was also the target of false news, after it was believed that he would be found dead in his home, except for the blow he received from the businessman himself.

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Even during the pandemic, Manuel Gomez was already ‘going viral’ with the phrase ‘Let’s get vaccinated’, which carries a message encouraging Brazilians to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

In 2022, Benita Azul has considered entering politics in Maranhão. He was a candidate for the position of deputy state in the elections for the Liberal Party. However, his career did not take off and Manuel Gomez received only 7,543 votes.