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Manu asks Inna to help out over dinner with Anna

Chapters coming from Our lifeAnd the I (Fernanda Vasconcelos) accepted the invitation Julia (Giswela Moro) to have dinner at his home. He leaves the meeting Manu (Marjorie Estiano) is nervous and decides to ask her grandmother for help.

I wanted to invite you, today we’re going to prepare dinner for Anna here at home. Actually it was Juju’s idea, I was a little nervous, I wanted to come tooHand feet.

It continues after the announcement

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else Nessette Bruno asks why the tension is. “It’s the first time we’ve been together, like family“Disapava manu.”I will. Take it easy, my daughter. Everything will be fine and it doesn’t have to be this way. Your sister loves you and Rodrygo loves you too. And in the midst of all this love, nothing can go wrongSurprise her granddaughter, “advises Inna.

The invitation to dinner was made the day Anna picked her daughter out of school. The former tennis player was thrilled at this moment and thanked her sister for her understanding. Julia, confidently, invites her to her house and says she can visit her room. “Ah, cool, I willThe tennis player responds.

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