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Manu analyzes the season and predicts changes at Corinthians: “It is time to make up for lost time” |  Corinth

Manu analyzes the season and predicts changes at Corinthians: “It is time to make up for lost time” | Corinth

Corinthians coach Mano Menezes spoke to the press for the last time this season after the 2-0 win over Coritiba, at the Estadio Cotto Pereira, on Wednesday. He admitted that the year had been bad, although he avoided analyzing the period leading up to his work. The goal is to improve for 2024 and not repeat the “minimum goal” of staying in Series A.

Watch the press conference of Corinthians player Mano Menezes after the final round of the Brazilian League

– No one at Corinthians was satisfied with this season in the end. But we all know what football is. If you include players from the group, everyone had very good and high expectations. Football has harsh realities. Sometimes things fall into place, or they don’t. Path adjustments bring more volatility. When you see it, you aim for minimal survival. “Even though I am not satisfied and want more, I need to give my best effort now and we have done that,” the coach said.

Corinthians, 13th in the Brazilian league, are now on vacation. The staff will be reintroduced in January, but Mano Menezes expects a lot of work.

-I intend to be with the people of Corinth in the coming days. I would rather be without vacation for the next few days than without peace when I get back. We’ll be together starting tomorrow, working. It’s time to speed up the process. It’s time to make up for lost time – said Mano Menezes.

Manu arrived at Corinthians at the end of September and has had little working time compared to other coaches. Although he is upset about the club’s situation in 2023, he preferred not to comment on the actions of his predecessors, such as Vanderlei Luxemburgo.

— I don’t like to look back without having fully engaged in the work. It’s only been two months. It would be inappropriate to make any kind of evaluation. We finished the job without Corinthians winning two consecutive matches in the tournament. Whoever does not win two does not have a champion campaign. Two consecutive victories plus six points give confidence and momentum. Things the team needs to have. You have to look at the reasons. Let’s list some things. intensity. The analysis must be very objective. Everyone gets negative reviews when things don’t go well. You start to believe that nothing is useful and that is not the case. Complete calm in evaluations. Make the right decisions and move forward – think.

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— When we arrived and it is important to highlight this, Corinthians had never been in the quarter-finals. But the last stage was very difficult. We had to build something to take advantage of in this final stretch. With work and dedication. We won’t have great football, but we will have the mental strength to overcome this problem. We think it doesn’t happen to us, but it does. This is what we tried to build. The players understood that it was necessary to be simple and objective in this final stage. Corinthians is very strong as a club. Of course, we’d like to offer something better. Let’s keep evolving. We will go through management changes. And then what people think, what can be achieved and work hard to achieve.

Mano Menezes in the match between Curitiba and Corinthians – Photo: Gabriel Machado/AGIF

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