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Man rescued after resisting bear attacks for a week - News

Man rescued after resisting bear attacks for a week – News

A man withstood the attacks of a grizzly bear for an entire week in Alaska (US) is recovering from his injury after being found at a camp, the US Coast Guard reported Thursday (22).

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The guard said in a statement that a helicopter crew on a routine flight over the Alaskan coast saw a distress signal written on the roof of a cabin last Friday. When they returned to check the letter, they saw a man raising his hands in the air.

The statement said that this gesture “is considered internationally as a sign of a request for assistance.”

“The crew landed and called the person who needed medical help after being attacked by a bear a few days ago,” he added.

The victim sustained leg injuries and chest bruises. The man told the authorities that the bear chased him for a week, returning to his camp every night.

The man was taken to the area near Nome to treat his wounds.

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