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Man found alive in plane landing gear after 11 hours of travel

Man found alive in plane landing gear after 11 hours of travel

The case drew attention this Sunday and surprised authorities, when a man was found alive hiding in the landing gear of a cargo plane. The case took place at Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands. Information from O Globo.

The flight in question traveled from South Africa to Amsterdam for about 11 hours. What impressed everyone is that he survived this period of travel in the cabin where the wheels of the plane are, as the air becomes thin and the temperature drops rapidly in that area. According to the authorities, at an altitude of 10 kilometers the temperature reaches -50 degrees. That is, it causes a person to lose consciousness and suffer hypothermia.

“Sometimes we find bodies with still ice on them, it’s very cold,” a police officer told Dutch news portal Gelderlander, referring to other illegal immigrants already found on the landing gear. According to the portal, in the past five years, six more were found in the aircraft cabin in the Netherlands – five of them died.

According to the police, the man is fine, given the circumstances in which he was found, and he was taken to hospital. The case was investigated.

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