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Maicon thanks Maurice Ramalho for his visit to Sao Paulo: "I am very grateful to him"

Maicon thanks Maurice Ramalho for his visit to Sao Paulo: “I am very grateful to him”

One of the symbols of the game’s style change Syndicate, Steering wheel what is The captain was in achievements Brazil Cup 2016, yes South American Cup for 2018 and Gaucho . tournaments For 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. However, before he wore a tricolor shirt in Rio Grande do Sul, he worked for another club in three colors: Sao Paulo.

In an interview with channel journalist Duda Garbi, Maicon revealed his gratitude to coach Morrissey Ramalho, now football coordinator at Morumbi FC: “No matter who the player is, he said he will play the best players. That, with the player, gain a lot of morale. You know there is a man who, if you produce, will make you play”.

Despite being a regular fixture in Sao Paulo multiple times, Maicon said there was never a “thin body” while playing for the club: “I have always been very professional, and my contract does not say that I have to be a starting or reserve player. I have to be appointed by the club and I need to fulfill my obligations. I have always been a very straight man wherever I am”.

However, the reason for his departure from São Paulo Tricolor was the unsustainable atmosphere with the crowd. Remember the episode: “I think like this: If you get to a club and become a champion, then naturally things will turn out in your favor. As a result, people look at you differently. This is a fact. When you are no longer winning, they look at you differently too”.

For Sao Paulo, Maicon played 154 games and scored nine goals between 2012 and 2015. He was in the cast as a hero South American Cup 2012 and had more serializations in 2013, when it was led by Maurice Ramalho.

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